Learn about Membrane Blocking for Western Blotting

Why do I need Membrane Blocking in WB?

As all transfer membranes used in western blotting have very high affinities for proteins blocking with Albumin or Milk Powder (casein) is advised.

Blocking is important as it prevents the non-specific binding of of the detection antibodies (primary antibody and secondary antibodies) by saturating or blocking access to the remaining protein binding areas of the membrane.

Blocking agents such as milk, BSA, and casein are commonly used to block thes protein f the membrane fully BEFORE incubation with antibody to PREVENT the nonspecific binding of primary and secondary antibodies to the membrane.

Purified Bovine S100 beta control protein for WB in sample buffer

AntigenPurified (>90%) bovine S-100-beta protein was formulated (cat # S1008-C) in SDS-PAGE sample buffer (reduced) for use in Western blot. It has <10% contamination of S100-alpha chain. Load 10 ul/lane to visualize with anti-S100 alpha.
FormProtein Control
Product TypeWB Control